Dainei.. Tracy.... Nadia... I am

I've been many versions of myself as I transform and express my true nature. It becomes more fun as it goes on and more potentials arise.

Dainei is my Zen name, I like the harmony of it, as it translates into Great Peace.

My background is in a constant self inquiry since I was a small child, which was stimulated by family trauma and social limitations, yet also held by the elemental energy of the beautiful island I grew up on in the Bahamas. And later the glorious English countryside. I've always steered away from any indoctrination and over education, so that I can embrace real transformation and not get caught up in erroneous energy/ego fields. I have always been in touch with the thread of my own spirit. My experiences and awareness of the beyond have guided me to learn how to help myself.

I've found helpful training and invaluable experience in:

*Working alone inth 1970's with LSD. I worked my way through Timothy Learys Psychedelic Experience exploring the Bardos/states of awareness and their interface with the mind.

*Working alone in the 1970's using Arthur Janov's Primal Scream exploration, this was to access the 'Primal pool' where I knew old trama and pain was stuck, because I could sense it, but I had no way of releasing it in a society largely in denial of the cruelty of culture. I built my own practice space out of old mattresses, to make the kind of noise I needed to.

*Psychic development and aura work with Paul Hatter, Brighton in the 1980's. This helped me stabilise overwhelming,spontaneous out of body experiences, that I have had since I was two years old, and other levels of super awareness that I could still not find a reference for in my daily life.

*Person Centred Counselling - Middlesex, 1990's where I learned how to listen.

*I learned a more formal Zen Buddhist based meditation with Zenways, London, 2010

*English Shamanism - in co-creation with Julia Julia-Wind Singer

 We have worked together energetically, with my sister Jane Gerard (JaneTrains animals - New Mexico) for over 30 years, the energy line named itself the Deepen Way and has held it's own throughout all lifes challenges as something rooted in the elements of which we are all made.

*Yoga - 50 years (!) from Iyengar to Zenyoga, spontaneous and somatic embodiment has always underpinned it all.

  *Healing Trauma and supporting deeper psychological drives and attachment issues - Becoming Safely Embodied Skills with Deirdre Fay, 2016,

*Energy Healing and energy body assessment- hands on healing/old style and also remotely since 1979 when I cured my mums and friends headaches.

*Monitor training with Eva and Jake Chapman,2019 for the Enlightenment Intensives developed by Charles Berner (another 60's consciousness pioneer)

*Reiki with Diana Treleaven,

*Writing, Art and poetry always,always,always but am now writing a book.

*Plants and ecology, Mamma Nature speaks directly to me and tells me what she wants, and let me tell you, it isn't what humans are doing in these times.- professional organic gardener for 40 years, see my Instagram : zenpatio

*Zen teacher training practice-+10 years with Daizan Roshi, Zenways, and Shinzan Roshi, Japan in the Rinzai tradition. Another energy line that has entered my embodiment, but one which I am currently engaged in integrating the feminine consciousness experience. They have turned out to not be natural partners, as I have had to deal with the patriarchal energy field yet again..

*My daughter Joely Franklin, Physical Therapist and Embodiment Coach, who with her natural wisdom, gladdens my every day

*My parents, both deceased, who were rebels in their own way and surely why I chose them, although it's been fucking tough at times.

*And most importantly Life Itself, my true and actual teacher, She has never disappointed.

Just look at all those diferent kinds of footprints on the path..



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