The skills I use here, are the Becoming Safely Embodied tools by Deirdre Fay, who has worked with world leaders in the trauma treatment field. These work very well with Zen, Shamanic and Yoga practice, as Deirdre is from a yogic and non dual background, as well as being an innovative psychotherapist, and she has done the bridging work for us. I am a member of her supportive community and am constantly using these tools myself so I know how helpful they are.

Using moment to moment awareness we create our own sense of safety within which to explore. Always mindful of and developing sensitivity to, that personal edge of overwhelm. Learning it's unique dynamics in our own body/mind, because we are all different.

We have been encouraged in so many ways to bypass these important messages from our inner world, now is the time to listen deeply.

The skills are supportive and give an edge to our inner life work as we learn to tolerate more of the overwhelm, and foster insight into it's origins, that at first, in the past, we had no protection from but now we can truly look after ourselves in full autonomy on many levels. 

Sometimes, and I have found this to be true for me, we co-create with others (it can feel very much like a karmic pact) the same elements over and over, to try to bring them about in our consciousness in order to have them surface and heal.

This takes time and space and wanting to do it.

Often it is the missing link in our inner work.

step by step 2 by dainei tracy