This is the way I am describing all the healing practices I use.

As we work together our energy fields will be connected so I keep my energy body impeccable and my awareness open, to be sensitive to you.

I keep myself healthy, practice self healing, and connected in my own practice to other professionals who are supportive and have the same intention.

I keep my eye on the latest developments in the unfolding spiritual and energetic world wisdom.

I draw from my long experience in the many areas in which I've sustained and fed my soul intention to always dive deep, over this lifetime.

I'm always aware of what can hold us back from our state of flow, I directly grapple with my perceptions and conditioning, and always have done for many reasons, and because of this,

I am as far from perfect as I can be, and I like it like that.

A work in process sows the seeds for a transformational future.

Because whatever we intend is the seed of the future ...and energy follows attention.

I am unafraid to explore all the ways we can heal ourselves and keep up to date with each wave of opportunity, bridging with anything that is useful and helpful on the way.

I want to inspire and support this confidence in you, because I have worked through it myself over a very long time.

All connections are lasting, all energy bodies linked, so I just want you to know that

I celebrate the individual path and I delight in our unique selves.

I like listening and seeing your true spirit.

   I like being a spiritual friend.

step by step 5 by dainei tracy

  This is JANE ALEXANDER  writing in  the May 2018 edition of NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE

(the whole process was edited for the article.) This is one of the approaches that can be helpful.

                                                          on freeing what’s stuck

This year has felt like wading through treacle. No matter how hard I try, I come up against barriers. I just feel stuck. So I turned to Dainei Tracy ( who specialises in getting people out of negative patterns.

She asks if I can sense where the ‘stuckness’ sits in my body. My hands stretch across my abdomen. “It feels like a huge ball of muck in my belly,” I say. Dainei uses a whole battery of tools for healing but she feels that, in my case, an ancient technique from Tibetan Buddhism could help. It’s called, rather alarmingly, feeding your demons. “Don’t panic,” she smiles. “A demon is simply any part of us that hasn’t come into wholeness. It’s something we’ve internalised – it could be shame, fear, addiction, depression, anxiety or sickness. It might not even be ours originally – it could be an ancestral pattern.”

I sit on a cushion with another placed opposite me. Dainei encourages me to intensify the feeling of stuckness. “What size is it? What shape? What colour? Texture?” It’s disgusting – a huge blob, red like blood, sticky and pulsing. “Let it come out of your body onto the empty cushion. Can you visualise it as a being with arms and legs?” she asks. I shudder. It becomes a demonic baby, with claws and sharp teeth, writhing on the floor, hissing and snapping. “What do you want from me?” I ask. “What do you need from me? How will you feel if you get what you want?” I change places with the demon and, the moment I sit in the demon’s place I curl into a ball, squirming. Dainei repeats the questions and I reply as the demon. “I want life. I need love. If I get it I will feel light and free.”

Dainei guides me into dissolving my body into ‘nectar’ for the demon. I visualise a pool of golden liquid and the demonic baby laps eagerly. As it drinks in the nectar, it starts to change, transforming into a well-nourished happy baby with firm fat limbs. It gurgles and laughs. I ask for an ally to reveal itself and the baby vanishes; in its place, a beautiful black panther appears. My ally promises to help and protect me and my whole body tingles with energy as it dissolves into me.

I sit quietly for a while and then tell Dainei how my ‘demon’ felt like an old family pattern of abuse and shame that I’d internalised. She suggests that I continue to work with my ‘demon’, to uncover its secrets and explore its lessons. “Every demon has something to tell us,” she says. “And the process can be deeply transformative. It releases all that trapped energy and makes it available to you. In fact, the larger and more horrific your demon, the more energy you will be able to access.”

Dainei works from Okehampton in Devon, or remotely via Skype. A one hour session costs £55 (concessions available).

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