Want to feel more free, stable and confident ?

 In your own flow and able to decide your path?

Has the spiral of your experience become more overwhelming recently?

Feeling trapped by identities, roles, or parts of yourself that don't really reflect who you are any more, but are difficult to shake off? What is their real message for you?

Having difficulties in embracing change and growth, showing up as fear and anxiety, in mental and physical imbalances?

Yes, that is a lot of questions. Let's find the answers.

Maybe you meditate, and turbulence and protest is coming up, with some of the deeper layers of experience flooding your system.

That, being present with, as powerful as that can be, does not always support the shift you sense you need and want. 

Maybe some karmic integration needs a bit more support.

Or maybe you are seeking some extra care and non judgemental focus on rising trauma and specific issues you are conscious of.

Such as Kundalini rising symptoms, Ascension sickness and Samskaric knots.

All of this arises in our stream of consciousness to be connected with, and integrated, so that our flow can express fully and we exist in freedom with whatever happens.


Using zen, psychotherapeutics, somatics and energy practices, I want to see you liberate yourself.

Become the seamless fusion of your individuality and the true nature that we all spring from.

To move forward with confidence and delight,

finding the source of your own inner wisdom

and creating a compassionate and safe attitude to


which then naturally spreads.

Work with me on Zoom, Skype or phone. Initial investment £90 for about an hour after introductory emails.

Concessions considered, please do get in touch.



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step by step 1

by dainei tracy

Something from Mike in Amsterdam:

My life has always felt as very intense. I have great passions, ambitions and energy, but always struggled to balance myself. As Dainei called it: I’m often in overdrive.
By talking to Dainei, I got a better image of how my internal systems are working and behaving. She helped with getting insights to find balance and control over my thought process. it truly changed a lot for me.
Having some tools and tricks to calm myself down during the day also helped my insomniac tendencies. I used to solve a bad night, or should I say, being scared of a bad night, with substance use. But now it’s shifting towards meditation instead and I couldn't be happier with that.
To be a bit more analytical: Dainei is holistic but not woolly/wishy washy. She uses a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies and theories. She finds a way to open up new perspectives, without feeling that it is too disconnected with my current world views/behaviours.
It’s hard to say what makes Dainei different from the previous persons that tried to help me. She has a loving energy and truly wants, and is able, to help the people she spends time with. On the other hand, it’s very easy to state that I feel so much more balanced and confident since I met Dainei and I think that’s the most important thing.