My name is Dainei Tracy.

Dainei is a dharma (a truth) name given to me by my Zen teacher. It means 'Great Peace'.

I remember saying to him at the time...but but but...Its very active and noisy in here (me) I'm most often all over the place, does that matter ?

Shouldn't I have a name like 'Great Sort It' or something?

I was just coming out of a long marriage, feeling extremely unconfident, being a mum and extreme multi tasker..all patterns that I recognised as having grown out of, and needing to let go of.

And,maybe most importantly,I needed help,although I didn't have a clue what could really help me.

He answered, well those are the waves on the surface.

Ahhhhhhh, so they are, so they are, of course I know that!!So what is this dissonance?

My background is in a constant Life self inquiry,to support it I have trained in Counselling, Meditation,Yoga (Iyengar and Zen), Healing, Art, Plants, Zen and Life.

I work with various practices on an individual basis including spontaneous yoga, Feeding your Demons (After the work of Lama Allione),Energy/Aura work, Energy/Hara work, Journeying, and ultimately Self Inquiry once a good stable platform in the Centred Self is achieved.

I am also a Zen teacher in constant training/living.(so am at a sort of pre-junior level in the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition as lived by Zenways, London.)















I practice and teach Zazen (which means sitting meditation) and mindfulness as I teach, do chores, and work, and create, and see clients, which just means I keep bringing my awareness to what I am doing,...... if I've found I've drifted off.

HOWEVER drifting off is also vital, it is where I often find answers to conflict and difficulties. The inner knowing and insight natural to us all.


I've been practicing Yoga for over 45 years and I teach it. I found a an old book when I was 12 and was especially interested in the corpse pose,(Savasana) I remember it seemed to imply there were other dimensions to life that people actually used exercises to develop into and explore.

How wonderful !!

My favourite is spontaneous yoga where you let your body do what it needs.

I knew that there is more to all this than what seems to be widely settled for, I have always been in touch with my spirit and to me there is nothing more important.

I have had an amazing experience this lifetime.

Traumas, danger,very obvious Karma to work through, strange synchronicities, using my initiative to heal myself and explore what this life is really all about. Rising to my challenges, even in the very worst times where my personal self has been hurt and heartbroken, I have Loved. I know that to have ones heart broken is to have one's heart opened. I don't expect to stop any time soon.

These areas where we feel shut down or stuck, where we might have to express ourselves in new ways, finding our own interpretation, our own meaning, using the frameworks available to support ourselves, all this I have loved.
















I have loved being a mum.

I love making pictures and poetry when time allows


working with Nature in organic gardens for decades. I have been in the presence of absolute magic something I wish everyone could experience because then we would be just so filled with wonder we would not trash a single eco system at all, we would work with them instead.

It has been my privilege to learn some of Mother Natures ways, how she adapts and is wild and crazy yet amazingly inclusive and organised.

Available right now.

She is Zen.



email: dainei@greatpeace.co.uk all artwork and layout is by dainei tracy (copyright)