Ways to feel more free and confident around

what holds you back,

that persistent or repetitive felt sense of an obstacle or blockage in your flow.

You may, or may not, have an insight to what it might be.

Feeling stuck and anxious

or going round in circles,





This happens to ALL of us all the time.

Feeling trapped by identities, roles, or parts of yourself that don't really reflect who you are any more?

Having difficulties in adjusting to change and growth that is showing up as fear and anxiety?

Maybe you meditate, and turbulence and protest is coming up,

that being present with, as powerful as that can be, does not always support the shift you sense you need and want. 

Or maybe there is a need for some extra support and focus on rising trauma and specific issues, that in the past has always been too much to deal with on your own, but now wants to be connected with and healed. 


Using zen, psychotherapeutics, somatics and energy practices, I want to see you grow into that amazing fusion of your individuality and the true nature that we all spring from.

Inseparable from each other.

To move forward with confidence and delight in yourself,

finding the source of your inner wisdom

and creating your own compassionate and safe attitude

to YOU.

Work with me after we've had a chat for free on Zoom, Skype or phone.

After that it's £55 (about an hour)

contact : dainei@greatpeace.co.uk

step by step 1

by dainei tracy