A big HELLO to you.

Welcome to your energy garden.

If we were to do an energy check right now, how is everything feeling?

Have old patterns been arising? Is there a sense of being mis-understood and triggered?

Feeling trapped by identities that don't really reflect who you are any more?


I feel passionate about helping you gain confidence in finding out which is your best way to freedom, using gentle and thorough practices.

By working with the body using spontaneous yoga and our breath.


Enlisting our own emotions to help us, practicing self compassion and a safe space to release into.


Developing insight and prompting our own inner wisdom.


Checking energy fields and learning to respond and give ourselves space before reacting. Also using our own sense of the natural manifestation of healing energy (or Chi) to assist us in being grounded in our own centre which then leads to greater health and wellbeing.


And when everything starts coming together and we have become more clear we can orientate ourselves to Self Inquiry, who we really are, using Presence, Meditation and Enlightenment approaches, which is the Way to true freedom and awakening to who we are here and now.


There is nothing that makes us feel better, and is more precious than being heard and understood in a safe space.

Being met right where you are now.

And even more importantly giving you a start in learning how to meet yourself and be free in who you are.

Shit is always going to happen! And we can get confident with not letting it hold us back.

Yes! We can!


I want to help you move forwards

on your own unique path.

To set up a meet on Skype,FaceTime or Zoom.

Contact me;