Embodiment can mean a lot of different things, here I mean the encouragement and anchoring of the true nature in our human experience in the body/mind.

Sometimes becoming embodied can be overwhelming and frightening.

We move through all the different ways we have been affected, from being in the womb or before, through to the many different ways we have been conditioned by life and others.

Any kind of inner life work will be asking us to become more real, and more truthful and more embodied as part of this process.

This is the enlightened approach to the spiritual way and might seem different to what has been  said in the past. That we should be transcending our bodies. Not so. We are a crucible, every part of us is a gate of potential and the healing happens as we become closer to who we really are.

This has been called purification but I prefer calling it the transformational dance.

We find as we become embodied that there are mostly three areas, overlapping and interconnected, that arise.

These are personal, ancestral and planetary.

Slowly we realise we are taking responsibility and becoming more autonomous as we heal these different layers.

The more we understand and practice safe skills of transformation, the more we can see where the overwhelm arises from. Our body knows and we re-orientate to it's wisdom.

Conditioning from society, family, religion and education causes us to try to cope through finding refuge in our minds and intellect and altered states, if we are not over traumatised into just shutting down.

We then spend most of our energy trying to organise a safe world for ourselves with our thoughts,

or distracting ourselves from feelings that seem too big, inappropriate somehow, morphing into states like anxiety and worthlessness.

We all know what it feels like to be centered in our heads. 

Bringing our awareness energetically into our bodies and feeling what we need to heal can be a revelation and the gate to freedom.

This is true for the whole spectrum of experience whether we have had shifts into awakening,

are steadily mindful of the present moment, have practiced in various traditions that seem to be the way,

or are in the beginning areas of realising we can actually get free of the ties that bind us, but don't know how to start. Right the way through to deep depression and repression.

If we don't embrace this whole ongoing process of embodiment at every stage then we could be in spiritual or emotional bypass. That's okay, it's just good to be aware of.

So we ask, how is our sensitivity and compassion? And what is our body saying to us? How can we be kinder?

Because it is not just our own trauma and patterning we are feeling,

we are also part of everything else's

transformational dance.


step by step 4 by dainei tracy

'I recently had a session with Dainei which was extremely useful. She has has many years  experience od working with difficult emotions and drew on several traditions and therapies during the session. Including Zen Meditation, Becoming Safely Embodied-dealing safely with trauma, and parts work from Internal Family Systems.

Dainei creates a safe and compassionate space in which to explore long-standing issues. I felt that I had a new understanding of my inner processes and new ways of dealing with them.

The session was very useful and I continue to use the techniques to great effect. Highly recommended

-Janine Cording

   'Dainei is actually the reason I became a meditation teacher! Six years ago now, she saw my authentic self and helped me see it, years before I could have done so on my own. Her intuition and deep levels of understanding and working with life are a remarkable gift to all she meets. I wholeheartedly recommend Dainei as a guide, coach, and creator of sacred, safe space for your healing work.'

    -Mary Hartley, PhD (Oxf)