Hecate and Hakuin





Hecate is the Archetype of that place on the Way where there is a fork in the path.

She is that part of us that sees where we have come from and where we might be heading.

What she councils though, is to stay still, drop into connection and peace, and be where we are right now in this moment.

Connecting past, present and future into


The fountain of our own inner wisdom with no judgement.

She tells us to stay at the crossroads until things clarify.

Hecate helps us let go of what is ready to die, outgrown roles, old beliefs, whatever is no longer life affirming.

This is a releasing and a pulling inward, it can feel like lying fallow but it is this space of the immediate moment that puts us in touch with our intuition.

Whatever the ego denies, Hecate is the nonjudgemental witness that serves us through connections to our dreams and our inner voices, to our true wise nature.

Her torch is Compassion with no blame or shame, after all, we are all the same.

Sitting in the space between the worlds at our inner crossroads is where we become our true Nature.




Hakuin is the Samurai Zen Master ancestor archetype (he is a historical person too) of the Zen that I practice, his intensity of practice, particularly those that emphasise the grounding of energy in the Hara,are a compliment to more expressive and intuitive work.

He says;


'Now if asked what is this spirit of meditation, l reply that it is to have a sincerely benevolent and sympathetic heart at all times, whether one is talking or wagging one's elbow when writing, whether one is moving or resting, whether one's luck is good or bad, whether one is in honour or shame, or in gain or loss, in right or wrong-

taking all these things into one and concentrating your energy with the force of an iron rock below the navel.

-this is the spirit of meditation.

If you have this spirit then, by that very fact, your two-edged sword will be your meditation table, placed always before you. The saddle you ride on will be the cushion on which you sit in meditation. The hills, the streams, the plains will be the floor of your meditation hall. The four corners of the earth and it's ten directions, the height and depth of the universe will be to you the great 'cave' in which you are performing your meditation-

they will be, in very truth,

the substance of your real self.'



AD 1686-1769



The connection between these archetypes is helpful for understanding that we need a complete energetic response to life's circumstances. We need to access our insight and we need to be grounded in the way we implement what we learn moving forwards in life.Both of these are meditative, one in stillness, one in action and they end up becoming our own unique centred self. That self that is constantly Becoming and Universal.

Our True Nature.